Release Notes

Version 2.0

  • Full User Interface Redesign

  • Projects are now launched using the same engine selected in Unreal Engine Version Selector

  • New Connection Status Panel

  • Ability to re-order Presets

  • Search for actors & functions

  • Viewport fullscreen mode added

  • Glimmer Spectator mode has been renamed to "Camera Tracking".

  • New Alerts Panel

  • Re-designed settings panel with the ability to create a studio for adding multiple render PCs

  • Ability to increment/decrement transform values with a left click and slide.

  • New Hidden Actors panel. Shows a list of actors you've hidden so you can easily restore

  • Trigger Sequences using an LTC signal from any audio source on your PC

  • Multi-render support. Trigger presets on multiple devices and view their output using Pixel Streaming

Version 1.0.74

  • Actor transform presets. Ability to save & recall actors position/rotation/location/scale at runtime. (

  • Transform now automatically now hides when snapshots for presets are taken

  • Fixed issued where you could not type in the Location X textbox

  • Fixed issue where you could not open projects when Windows was setup for regions other than United States. To resolve you must delete your C:\ProgramData\SequinAR folder and restart Glimmer Virtual Control.

Version 1.0.55

  • New on-boarding and project selection experience

  • Easier control of advanced settings and setup for remote mode

  • Version check for updates. You are notified under Help when a new version is available.

  • Glimmer Virtual Control closes Glimmer Server background process

  • Bugfixes

    • Occasional crash on using Unreal byte types

    • Stacking of project and map thumbnails when resizing with a hidden project and maps window

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