Trigger sequences to start using an incoming LTC audio signal

Sequences can be triggered to started when an incoming LTC signal is received on any audio port on your PC

Select Sequence

Select the sequence you want to be triggered when Program Start Time is reached.

Program Start Time (HH:MM:SS:FF)

This is the LTC time when the selected sequence will begin playing from the beginning of the sequence (Frame 0). Example: When Program Start Time is set to 00:01:00:00 it will play the selected sequence at frame 0

Start Time (MM:SS)

Start Time is how far into the sequence it will be played when active timecode is equal to Program Start Time + Start Time.

Example: Program Start Time is 00:01:00:00 and Start Time is 01:30. When the incoming LTC timecode is equal to 00:02:30:00 (Program Start Time + Start Time) the selected sequence will begin to play at 01:30 into the sequence.

Primary/Secondary Audio Source

List containing all audio devices on your PC. Select the audio device you wish to use that has the incoming LTC signal.


Toggle whether or not the sequence will be triggered when the active LTC time is reached.


Toggles whether Primary or Secondary audio input is used for triggering

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