What is Glimmer Server?

Overview of Glimmer Server and its components.


Glimmer Server is the component that connects all the different aspects of the Virtual Control product together. Glimmer Server is launched through an executable (.exe) and can be left running even when the Glimmer Client and Unreal Editor are not.

So what does Glimmer Server connect and how does it do it?

Glimmer Server is made up of multiple processes that run simultaneously together to ensure the user has real-time interaction between the Glimmer Client, Unreal, and all projects and maps. The server is made up of a database which stores all the Glimmer and Unreal information that pertains to the operation of Glimmer. The Server also contains a Glimmer Search feature which we talk about in a couple sections later. The final major component is all the server processes that makes sure everything runs in-sync and provides real-time interactions with the Unreal project.

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