Welcome Screen & Scene Launcher

Overview of the welcome screen and how to get a project.

When you first launch Virtual Control you will be presented with the Welcome Screen and a list of projects that have been previously opened by Virtual Control.

Selecting "Open a Project":

When you select this button the file explorer will appear (fig. B) allowing you to navigate to your .uproject location bring it into Virtual Control Once you are in the desired location select the Unreal icon then press open or just double click and it will open a list of all scenes in your project.

Selecting "Auto Discover Projects":

This works the same as open projects except it scans the selected folder for all Unreal projects and automatically adds them to Virtual Control

Selecting a Scene to launch

After selecting a project you will be presented with a list of scenes (maps) in your project and the associated version of Unreal Engine that will be launch.

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