Glimmer Database


The Glimmer Database is a component of Glimmer Server which provides all the storage and caching of Glimmer data such as presets and favorites. It also stores the locations of Unreal projects, Unreal maps, Unreal Editor executables which we will talk about how we get these locations in the next section.

Glimmer database is a PostgreSQL based relational database. The database is created when GS is ran for the first time and kept locally in the C:/../ProgramData/SequinAR/GlimmerServer folder. GS also does a quick check every launch to see if the database exists; just in case a user decided to do a hard deletion. If the database exists Glimmer Server continues as normal but if the database does not exist a new database is created and set up for the user automatically.

Caution: Deletion of the database will delete all saved Glimmer data .

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