Client / Vendor Expectation Management

Create a culture of customer centricity by identifying what the client wants and how we will deliver it. This does not necessarily mean "the customer is always right" or we can/should promise to deliver anything being asked. In fact, our knowledge, expertise and guidance is crucial for our services because it is likely that our customer has a limited understanding of what is/ is not possible. Our job is to communicate effectively the AR workflow and process that we customize for each client. With this excellent communication we will achieve the goal of putting the needs of our client first within the boundaries of the scope of each project. Follow - up emails to client emails and weekly status reports of the project are tools which will help the communication between our team and each client strong and clear.

Technical Requirements fully vetted and tested

Team Roles and Responsibilities

Etiquette while onsite

Clearly defined Challenges / Solutions for the project

Back up plans